BEEN ARRESTED and CHARGED with a CRIME in TENNESSEE?  What you need to do:


DUI Lawyer Nashville

Take your Tennessee criminal charge seriously.

A conviction for a crime in Tennessee can have long lasting consequences. A criminal record can affect your employment, your future, and your personal freedom, even if it only includes one misdemeanor.


Hire an experienced Tennessee defense attorney.

Understanding Tennessee criminal laws and courtroom proceedings can be a challenge. Hiring me, attorney Richard D. Dumas, Jr., to defend your case can make the difference in the outcome.  I have nearly 2 decades of defending and prosecuting cases related to

  • DUI’s
  • assaults
  • traffic stops
  • drug possession
  • thefts
  • all felonies and misdemeanors

I can answer any questions you might have about defending your Tennessee criminal case.  Check out the "Common Questions" section for detailed information on Tennessee criminal laws and procedures.


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